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Please do not visit Oudrif if you have symptoms or have been in contact with persons that have tested positive less than 20 days before arrival.

Screening of guests on arrival and daily.

Temperature will be scanned with a thermal scanner.

If a guest’s temperature is high and/or they have symptoms of the virus they will be disallowed to check-in and will be referred to a medical facility.

Hand sanitisers (alcohol based) are placed in each cottage and central areas.

Regular routine cleaning of public areas such as restrooms, tabletops, counters, doorknobs, surfaces are wiped down and disinfected on a regular routine throughout the day.

Protective wear such as face masks are worn by all staff and guests.

Dining area is regularly sanitised, and guests will be seated at their own tables at least 1.5m from other guests. Tables will be set outside if possible.

Rooms will be cleaned and sanitised before and after guests leave. Rooms will be left open and unattended for 24 hours before the next arrivals. The staff will not be cleaning the rooms daily while occupied by guests unless necessary or requested.
While no one can predict the path of this virus, we are continuously monitoring developments and doing all we can to reduce the risk of potential contamination or spread of disease. We thank you for choosing to stay at Oudrif.

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