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Clanwilliam Domestic Animal Mass Sterilisation Project

Oudrif is invclawsbigolved in Pet Sterilisation project in the greater Clanwilliam area. The projects focus on sterilisation of disadvantaged dogs and cats in rural areas.

Jeanine Mitchell is co-owner and co-manager of Oudrif. In addition to making meals, hosting and taking guests on guided tours, Jeanine harbours an enduring passion: Sterilise animals to prevent more unwanted pets and feral colonies occurring in this sensitive environment.

The greatest threat to African Wild cat is hybridisation with pet and feral cats.Cat2

People in rural areas often host pet and feral cats to keep out rats, scorpions and snakes which leads to increasing colonies of
these cats if not sterilised. These colonies are further enhanced by interbreeding between the African Wildcat and the domestic and feral cat.

Jeanine has established a partnership with a Cape Town vet (Dr Annelize Roos) to sterilize as many of the domestic and feral cats as possible (Trap Neuter Release Program). To-date, she has funded the sterilisation of 2500 animals of a target 6000 at an average cost of R350 per cat.

She raises the funds from donations or out of her own pocket and making compassion bracelets and handmade body lotion that is sold to raise funding and awareness, while Oudrif supplies logistical and financial support.

Would you like to assist our Cedarberg Cat woman who, in addition to sterilisation, uses the opportunity to educate the general population about this issue?

If you donate R350, you can help Cat woman reach her goal.

If you would like to see what we do follow this link:

Oudrif does not only focus on cats but they are a bigger priority than dogs due to their breeding success.

Send your donation directly to:

Banking Details: Investec Bank

Acc. Name: EnviroVet CVC

Acc. No: 1001139861913709790_989230117863393_44707426772080220_n

Branch code: 580105

Please use Cederberg cats as a reference.

An initiative of the South African Veterinary Association

Registration No: 1998/016654/08

Fundraising No: 000-234 NPO

Last word:

A male cat has the potential to father 1500 kittens in one year. A couple can give rise to 420,000 in 7 years.


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Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat Cederberg

Oudrif is a fully catered lodge situated on the banks of the Doring River at the Northern foothills of the Cederberg. Providing stylish accommodation in 5 individual straw bale cottages, for people who relish peace and quiet. Winter rains bring the largest outdoor flower display in the world; the pristine river provides opportunity for paddling, swimming, fishing and sun bathing on secluded beaches. The area whispers of our past from Stone Age tools to San rock art. Our rates include - all meals, beer, wine and soft drinks served in the central boma; daily guided walks and excursions. You just need to jump in your car with your clothes and toothbrush, we provide everything else. Our eco-friendly lodge accommodates a maximum of ten guests. We are solar powered so you can turn off all your devices and enjoy true peace and quiet. The straw bale cottages are environmentally friendly, providing excellent insulation in both hot and cold weather thus reducing the need for conventional power; there are fans for summer and gas heaters in winter.
Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat Cederberg
Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat CederbergThursday, July 5th, 2018 at 9:26pm
The sun is out and after the rain the veld is transforming. It is green and there are some flowers starting to pop up already. The river is running and the air is clear! What a great start to July.
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Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat Cederberg
Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat CederbergMonday, June 18th, 2018 at 9:51pm
The Doring River is flowing and the veld is beautiful after the rains
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Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat Cederberg
Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat CederbergTuesday, June 12th, 2018 at 5:57am
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Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat Cederberg
Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat CederbergMonday, May 7th, 2018 at 7:24pm
Waiting for rain, seeds are ready
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Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat Cederberg
Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat CederbergWednesday, May 2nd, 2018 at 7:13am
Winter Escape Special from 4 May to end July. Escape to Oudrif for a much deserved break, where the sun shines and the veld is a colourful display of happiness. Relax and unwind on the banks of the Doring River. SPECIAL RATES R850 per person per night, all inclusive until 31 July 2018.
Unique comfortable straw bale cottages and great meals provided. You can take it easy, chilling on the deck, rock jump around rock pools, smell the flowers and feast on delicious meals.
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Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat Cederberg
Oudrif Straw Bale Retreat CederbergWednesday, April 18th, 2018 at 1:06am
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