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Clanwilliam Domestic Animal Mass Sterilisation Project

Oudrif is directly involved in Pet Sterilisation projects in the greater Clanwilliam area. The projects focus on sterilisation of disadvantaged dogs and cats.

Jeanine Mitchell is co-owner and co-manager of Oudrif. In addition to making meals, hosting, and taking guests on guided tours, Jeanine harbours an enduring passion: Sterilise animals to prevent more unwanted pets and feral colonies occurring in this sensitive environment.


The greatest threat to African Wild cats is hybridisation with pet and feral cats.

People in rural areas often host pet and feral cats to keep out rats, scorpions and snakes which leads to increasing colonies of these cats if not sterilised. These colonies are further enhanced by interbreeding between the African Wildcat, the domestic and feral cat.

Jeanine has established a partnership with a Cape Town vet (Dr Annelize Roos) since 2010, to sterilize as many of the domestic and feral cats as possible (Trap Neuter Release Program). To-date, she has funded the sterilisation of 3000 animals of a target 6000 at an average cost of R650 per animal.

Funds raised from donations or out of her own pocket and making compassion bracelets and handmade cosmetic range – KINDNESS PRODUCTS –  sold to raise funding and awareness, while Oudrif supplies logistical and financial support. CLAWS receives no corporate or big donor funding.

Clanwilliam Animal Welfare Society is a registered NPO 262-101, We are able to provide an 18A tax certificate for donations to our charity.

Would you like to assist Clanwilliam Animal Welfare, who in addition to sterilisation, uses the opportunity to educate the general population about this issue?  Our current goal is to have one person in each street and farm trained with pet first aid to help pet owners understand basic primary health care for their pets and what to do in an  emergency.

If you donate R650, you can help CLAWS reach our goal.

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If you would like to see what we do, follow this link: Clanwilliam Animal Welfare Society – YouTube

CLAWS do not only focus on cats but they are a bigger priority than dogs due to their breeding success.

Send your donation directly to:

Banking Details:

Acc. Name: Clanwilliam Animal Welfare Society

Acc. No: 62920085504

Branch code: 250655

Please use Kindness as a reference.

Fundraising No: 262-101 NPO

Last word:

A male cat has the potential to father 1500 kittens in one year. A couple can give rise to 420,000 in 7 years.


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