Relaxation and Activities

.facebook_1520677773740Disconnect from the modern world, and rediscover who you are. Oudrif is the ideal place to retreat to soothe the soul and be healed. Relax in the luxurious simplicity of the straw-bale, off grid accommodation and enjoy stylish organic meals. This is the way to be.

The annual winter explosion of wild flowers is one of nature’s true wonders that everyone should have on their bucket list. Situated in the Northern Cederberg; bordered by Namaqualand, Succulent Karoo and Mountain Renosterveld, the Nardouwsberg area has a rich diversity of flowering plants; fields of daisy’s, flowering succulents and endemic bulbs. Flowers start blooming in late July and depending on rain, can last into October. A drive through the flowers of the Nardouwsberg to Oudrif is rewarding for anyone. For the remainder of the year the shrubby bushes take on a stark, serene beauty of their own.

This property was “rediscovered” by adventurous white water enthusiasts. At times the river flows peacefully, providing long sandy banks where the peace and tranquillity are only disturbed by the sounds of the bird life at other times it becomes a raging torrent swollen by rains in the Cedarberg. The Doring River being one of the last major Rivers that have not been dammed, make it a unique experience.

River activities include:

  • Swimming and sunbathing on the secluded beaches of the river banks
  • Fly Fishing for Clanwilliam Yellow fish
    by way of catch and release (October to May)Didi-C-debruyn
  • Bass fishing throughout the year
  • Paddling on the river with ARK inflatables


  • Hiking and walking
  • Indigenous Flora and Fauna
  • Medicinal plants
  • Annual wild flowers displays
  • Rock Art site visits
  • Birding, the elusive cinnamon breasted warbler..facebook_1520677630030
  • Rooibos Tea farm visits – see how it’s done
  • Star gazing
  • Spot 4 of the Small 5 at Oudrif!

Other attractions in the area:

  • Explore the Cederberg Wilderness Area
  • 4×4 drives around Wupperthal
  • Mountain bike rides
  • Olifants River Wine Route
  • 100km to the West Coast Village of Lamberts Bay and its Cape Gannet colony 15000 breeding pairs IMG_0181


  • Hot Springs in Citrusdal
  • Bouldering at Rocklands
  • White water rafting on the Doring River with River Rafting companies.
  • Sevilla Rock Art Trail
  • Rooibos tea house offers tea tastings daily in Clanwilliam


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What our guests and the press say…

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Oudrif opened it's doors to guests 20 years ago today, a dream to show people it was possible to be comfortable while having minimal impact on the environment. The lodge was built with no heavy machinery brought on site, sites leveled by hand, locally sourced supplies, fittings from demolished buildings, wood self cut from local alien trees cleared near by and solar powered. Completely disconnected from the grid. 20 years ago this was a adventurous project to start, now it is still a place where guest visit to realx and unwind in nature. Thank you to you all that have visited Oudrif for your support. We look forward to seeing you soon ... See MoreSee Less

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Peace and quiet awaits, a digital detox, no wifi, no mobile phone reception only nature. A real treat in the rushed life of today. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kukumakranka flowering at Oudrif. It only flowers for a couple of days. Gethyllis is a very rare bulb plant endemic to South Africa and some parts of Namibia, with the highest concentration of them found bordering Western and Northern Cape provincial regions in South Africa. Gethyllis is the only bulb in the world to produce a delicious fruit from below ground, and is the only bulb flower to be active in three different seasons. Waiting for fruits in May for infusing gin :) ... See MoreSee Less

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Its has been a while since we have seen one of these beauties. One of the small 5 at Oudrif the Antlion named for the predatory nature of the larva which trap ants and other small insects in pits dug into the ground. This picture is of an adult antlion- we usually see the smaller variety at night around lights, this one is not common here. ... See MoreSee Less

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Oudrif chilllie harvest, lots of fresh homegrown organic chillies and limes ... See MoreSee Less

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Beautiful Caterpillar of Death's-head Hawk-moth. Acherontia atropos, eating my basil plants. The caterpillars come in three colors—bright yellow, bright green, or a mottled brown—and have a tail horn that changes color and curves as the larvae mature. They feed on more than 100 plants, including nightshade, and grow up to 5 inches long. The adults emit a squeak when alarmed, made by expelling air through its proboscis (tongue), which has a structure that vibrates like the reed of a wind instrument ... See MoreSee Less

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When it's hot the cool, clean Doring river and a big chill awaits you at Oudrif ... See MoreSee Less

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